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More Mossy Poetry

My favorite type of poem are those that rhyme. This one could use a little more rhyming for my taste, but I think that it is a good little poem all the same. If you know of any other moss poetry that I have yet to post on this blog or have written your own moss poem let me know. I would be happy to read it and post it up.

Dirty Little Moss
By Dan Paquette

Dirty little moss
on the cottonwood trunk,
my spray bottle
washes away the debris.

Your stem snuggles close
to your siblings, green
unbrushed curls
of sun-loving leaves.

Your generation lies
criss-crossed above

tired wet scaffolding
twisted remnants
of your first borne branches
and some great, great
uncles and aunts
in mucous, brown

intertwined stems, leaves??
limp banners
of whom
they once were??

One day, your skin
will be coal pudding
for some thermal bacteria

long after you and I

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