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Berry Go Round #6

The sixth edition of Berry Go Round has been posted here at Seeds Aside. Check out all of the planty-goodness that they have lined up for your reading enjoyment.

For more about blog carnivals and a link to the earlier editions of Berry Go Round, click here.


  1. Hi,

    I just stumbled on your blog today about mosses. I have been trying to grow mosses in my back yard for the last year but so far its been with mixed results. I noticed that you are able to grow mosses in sealed containers - I tried that a while back also but had limited results - the moss just seemed to get kinda lifeless after a while and eventually developed a mold. What do you use to inhibit the mold from forming?

    Anyhow, great blog!

  2. The soil that I use in my containers has been heated in an autoclave to sterilize the soil. However the pots that I use and the water are not treated in any way. You should be able to sterilize soil at home by baking it. Here is a website that I found with some recommendations for heating.
    Even with those precautions I do have pots that are overrun by mold or some type of fungus. I usually rescue the plants from the pot that look healthy, grind them up and move them to another pot.

    Additionally I would recommend some type of grow lamp to encourage the moss to grow and perhaps having the lid a little loose would help as well.

    Best of luck and I am glad that you enjoy the blog.

    :) Jessica


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