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Bryo Blogs

Botany Professor (regularly blogs about bryophytes)

Bryologia: Spanish Bryology Blog

Bryonet: International Association of Bryologists Blog

Bryophyta - Mosses & Liverworts - Moose

Bryophytes and Landscape - Moose und Landschaft

Bryophytes of Mexico



Laboratory cryptogams of UnB

Lily R. Lewis bryo blog

Moveclim: Montane vegetation as listening posts for climate change

Plant Talk: From the Field - Bill Buck in Cape Horn

Recent Literature about Bryophytes

The Fantastic World of Mosses (Mosenes fantastiske verden)

If you know of any bryophyte blogs that are missing from the list please leave a message in the comments. Thanks!


  1. I live in Kansas City, Kansas and brought a moss in that has been living on my North facing front door awning for years. I have been unable to identify it and do have pictures if someone would like to try.

  2. I would recommend posting the photos to one of the Bryophyte discussion forums under the tab of that name. They get a number of photo posts and it taps a community to help with the identification. Best - Jessica


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