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A New TV show about Plants from the BSA conference

I just got back from the botany meeting out in St. Louis. Presentations were really stimulating and interesting. St. Louis was hot and sticky. Overall a great time was had!

At the meeting a pilot of a new show was presented by Dr. Chris Martine, called Plants are Cool, Too! I met Chris when he was a graduate student at the University of Connecticut in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. I think that a show about plants is a great idea and Chris is just the person to host the show. His passion and excitement for plants it obvious from the pilot! Also it has a super fun theme song. Check it out below and spread the word.

The blog is changing

You may have noticed some changes to the look of the blog recently. It is in the process of being migrated to the science blog network Field of Science. I decided that it might be a fun step in the evolution of my blog to join up with other scientists for more interactive discussions about science and mosses.

Wish me luck it is my first time presenting TWO talks at a scientific meeting and they are on the same day!