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A Mossy Poem

There was a discussion on Bryonet last week about moss poetry. Several poems that I was not aware of were sent out. Enjoy!

From Twenty Lessons on British Mosses (1846)

by William Gardiner (1808-1852)
O! Let us love the silken moss
That clothes the time-worn wall
For great its Mighty Author is,
Although the plant be small.
The God who made the glorious sun
That shines so clear and bright,
And silver moon, and sparkling stars,
That gem the brow of night-
Did also give the sweet green moss
Its little form so fair;
And, though so tiny in all its parts,
Is not beneath His care.
When wandering in the fragrant wood,
Where pale primroses grow
To hear the tender ring-dove coo,
And happy small birds sing,
We tread a fresh and downy floor,
By soft green mosses made ;
And, when we rest by woodland stream,
Our couch with them is spread.
In valley deep, on mountain high-
The mosses still are there :
The dear delightful little things-
We meet them everywhere!
And when we mark them in our walks,
So beautiful, though small,
Our grateful hearts should glow with love
To Him who made them all.
(P.S. As I said in my earlier post I am out exploring Okazaki this weekend. Blogger has a new feature where you can schedule a post and it will be posted at a later time. I used this feature to send out this poetry for the weekend. )

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