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My Bryology Bookshelf - II

Another book on my shelf is Gardening with Moss by F. F. Rockwell. I am not sure when I picked up this book, but there it was hiding on the shelf and I decided to give it another look...

And now I remember why I cannot recall when I picked up this book. The title is quite deceiving! You might think that it is another book about growing mosses in your garden similar to these two (here and here) that I have discussed before. But no, this book was written in the 1920's and the title should be 'How to use Peat Moss (Sphagnum) when Gardening Flowering Plants'. It is interesting as a historic text. The first chapter is all about peat moss and its utility in the garden. This chapter also features a nice story about the author's first meeting with peat moss. From what I can tell the rest of the book does have sound gardening advice, but it is probably the same information that you could get from a more recent book.

Overall I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a book on Moss Gardening, but as a history or gardening buff it might prove interesting. You can check out a limited preview of the book here at GoogleBooks.  

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