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My Bryology Bookshelf - I

I recently started a list of recommended bryology books on my sidebar. However I wasn't sure how many of these books I had talked about in actual blog posts. So I decided to start up a group of posts that walk through the bryology books on my shelf.

I also wrote about the fabulous bryophyte dictionary, Mosses and Other Bryophytes, an Illustrated Glossary by Bill and Nancy Malcolm.

One of the books on my list that I have yet to talk about is my advisor's most recent book Introduction to Bryophytes by Alain Vanderpoorten and Bernard Goffinet.

When I helped teach and Undergraduate Course in Bryology a few years back we could have really used this text. We used some excerpts from the book Bryophyte Biology. I think that this is a great book too. Unfortunately it is pretty tough for the average undergraduate. Bryophyte Biology is geared more for a graduate student or professional audience.

I have yet to use the new book Introduction to Bryophytes to teach, but I think that it will work really well for that purpose. It is aimed at undergraduate biology students or science savvy amateurs. I have also used the book to hunt up some fun bryology facts for use during my moss walks. If you want to really dig into all the different types of bryophytes and their morphology then this is probably not the text for that endeavor. However it is a look at the biology of bryophytes from a number of different angles, such as Physiology, Conservation, Ecology, Biogeography and Evolution. 

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