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Berry Go Round #25

The latest edition of the plant carnival Berry Go Round has been posted at Foothills Fancies. Since it is the February edition there is a fun chocolate-y theme throughout. Beware of reading if you have a sweet tooth or if it is before lunch. I almost decided to have a chocolate dessert before my lunch when I read the carnival this morning. 

One of my posts from this past month has been included in the lineup! It is the post where I discuss a new moss gardening book. BGR also mentioned that I recommended checking out the moss-cam. I have heard about the moss camera project that is run by researchers out in California, but I have not discussed it on my blog, nor do I have a link to it anywhere that I can see. I think that the credit for mentioning/blogging about the moss-cam should go to Dr. Lalita Calabria who has recently started a blog called "Adventures of a Phytochemist".  She has an extensive post about mosses and I think that might explain the confusion.

For more about blog carnivals and my posts about the earlier editions of Berry Go Round, click here.

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  1. Thanks for the credit Jessica! Also, I loved your idea in my comments about creating information packets to help others start similar Research Ambassador Moss Projects. Great idea!


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