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Moss Slogans

I saw this slogan generator over at Seeds Aside and I thought that I would give it a spin. Some of the slogans that it spits out are pretty clever, but I admit I pressed the sloganize button a number of times before I came up with this one. I thought that it was fun and could stimulate some philosophical ponderings.

Wouldn't You Rather Be Moss?

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What type of plant would you want to be? I like mosses but if I had to choose one type of plant to be I think that I would pick something larger. I like many of the trees that grow on brackish coastline areas that are called mangrove habitat. I think that I would be a Rhizophera mangle. The plants are water dispersed and I think that it would be great to have an oceanic adventure before settling down to live in the constant wash of the tides.


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