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Are you are in search of more blogs to read that are botanically centered? If so I just heard about a list that was compiled of 100 botany blogs. The blogs highlighted range from the general to those written by professionals, with topics spanning climate focused to taxonomy to botanical gardens. I think that it offers a nice selection. I have read quite a few of them (Gravity's Rainbow, Seeds Aside, A Neotropical Savanna,...etc.) through the Berry Go Round community. Or I know the authors personally my pal Emily writes the blog No Seeds about ferns. And if you scroll down to #29, I made the cut! Moss Plants and More was kindly included on the list. Thanks to Christina Laun, the author of the article, for including this blog in the list. There are also a number of blogs that I was not aware of and thus have never read. The world wide web is such a large place and there is a lot of junk out there sorting through to find the good bits can be a challenge. I organize the blogs that I follow using Google Reader. It is super handy for keeping up to date on the latest post from my favorite blogs. However I usually do not read the posts using the reader. Most times I click through to the actual blog where there is more color and a stylish layout that makes the reading all that more enjoyable. Enjoy the selection and I hope that you find a blog that satisfies your botanical hunger.


  1. Ah, yes, I have recently discovered the joys of Google Reader ... which is where I got this post today. Am I on your google reader? Did you even know I had a blog?

  2. Yep. I have added your blog to my reader and I enjoy keeping up on the stories. Your is one of those that I read at your blog site rather than on the reader due to the more enjoyable color options.


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