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Songs Mentioning Moss

I posted previously on several moss poems. After that I was on the lookout for a song about moss. Initially I did some searching but did not come up with anything too inspiring. Then out of my own music collection I heard a song mention moss. I was listening to some music yesterday rocking out in the lab while planning some experiments. Contrary to popular belief science is not always done in an intense and serious silence. The song was Ignite by Northern State on their album All City. Here is an outtake from the song; though without the music it is a little lacking.
I'm gettin' dizzy and the sky is floatin' further away
I put the beat on repeat I got so much to say
And you're waiting you're not breathing holdin' your breath
Thinkin' how you gonna live when you're surrounded by death
We might be hiding in caves with all seven sleepers
Hesta Prynn is playing chess with all the grim reapers
And the moss is the carpet where I lay my head
While your pillows of feathers turn to blankets of lead in your bed
Then I checked through the rest of my music collection to see if I had any other tunes that mentioned moss. Out of my collection of some 2000+ songs, only 3 of them mention moss. The other two songs are 20 Years of Snow from Begin to Hope by Regina Specktor and Trouble from Come on Now Social by the Indigo Girls. (Excerpts from these two songs are below the fold.) So what can we conclude from this highly unscientific mossy survey.

1) People who study moss do not necessarily listen to much music about moss, though I will have to survey some of my moss colleagues for more than one data point.
Moss does not seem to be a great muse for musical inspiration. However my music collection may not be representative of all the possible songs with mossy leanings. Do you have any songs in your music collection that mention moss? If so what are they?

From 20 Years of Snow by Regina Specktor
She says I'd prefer the moss
I'd prefer the mouth
A baby of the swamps
A baby of the south
I'm twenty years of clean
And I never truly hated anyone or anything
Twenty years of clean
Twenty years of clean

From Trouble by the Indigo Girls
Trouble came around here
Here in the South we fix something to eat
Steam risin' up off the greenery and we welcome the strangers we meet
Alien sick growing in these walls
Like moss in a crack that time made
I brush a guy in the airport whistling it's a small world after all
And the prices are higher but the kids still selling lemonade


  1. So I often browse people's shared iTunes libraries for songs about plants, and I found a song called "Moss Garden" by David Bowie (off the album Heros). It's instrumental, so no lyrics, but I'm hoping he was inspired by a peaceful moss garden.

  2. what about the classic "american pie" by don mclean?

    "Now for ten years we've been on our own
    And moss grows fat on a rollin' stone"


  3. Also, you can browse your itunes library for lyrics??


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