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Earth Day Moss Workshop

An announcement came out over BryoNet yesterday about a moss workshop that will be held on 19 April 20008 in Brevard, NC. It looks to be great fun and North Carolina should be having spring in full force this time of year!

More information about this workshop can be found at or look below the fold for additional details.

DATE: EARTH DAY April 19, 2008

TOPIC: Go Green with Moss Workshop – Brevard, NC

CONTACT: “Mossin' Annie”

Annie Martin


Eco-friendly Workshop: GO GREEN with MOSS!
An Unique Opportunity to Learn About WNC's Indigenous Bryophytes (Mosses)

Brevard, NC: GO GREEN with MOSS Workshop! Celebrate Earth Day by finding out about WNC's bryophytes, our mountain mosses, at this one-of-a-kind moss workshop. Learn how to feature MOSS in your landscape, your year-round GREEN solution! An unique opportunity, this workshop is offered for the first time to the general public on Saturday afternoon, April 19, 2008 from 1-4 pm. Held on a 300-acre mountain retreat on Rich Mountain near Brevard, NC, the Moss Workshop will focus on the marvels of these miniature non-vascular plants. Topics will include: Advantages and Joys of Moss Gardening, Overview of Mosses, Types of Bryophytes, Basic Identification, Moss instead of Mulch, Moss Lawns and FULL-CYCLE GREEN RESCUE!

“Hands-on” opportunity to get a “closer look” at bryophytes, make your own moss dish garden, and enjoy a guided “mossin'” adventure in the woods! Registration Fee: $75 per person. Group rates available. Moss workshop sponsored by Mountain Moss Enterprises. For registration info/directions, contact: Mossin' Annie, 828.577.1321,

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