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Salutations from Costa Rica

I have arrived safely in Costa Rica and am in the throes of a throughly fun and intensive fern field course. We are currently at the Organization for Tropical Studies' field station called Las Cruces in southern Costa Rica near the Panamanian border.

The course that I am taking is entitled Tropical Ferns and Lycophytes, so we are not focusing on mosses. However mosses abound in this area and I have been checking them out during every spare moment. (I have been teased with joking gasps of outrage when others on the course realize that I am looking at mosses instead of ferns.) Despite differences in organism preference, we have had some great discussions and that have stimulated tons of questions about mosses. I plan to share them with you on the blog, once I look around for the answers.

Below and after the fold are some photos of the moss covered tree branches, soil, vines, and sidewalks. The mosses are everywhere here!

Moss on Tree Branches

Moss on Soil and a Vine

Mosses on the Sidewalk Edge


  1. These photos remind of that time we went trekking through Hueston Woods to find mosses and fungi...

  2. Those were definitely good times. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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