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Off to Costa Rica

I am going out of the country for the next couple of weeks to Costa Rica. I am taking a field course on Tropical Ferns and Lycophytes through the Organization for Tropical Studies, of which the University of Connecticut is a member. During the course I will learn a ton of tropical fern species and I think that we will be doing some cool physiology studies. They had us do some advance reading on photosynthesis and water relations in plants, so I am expecting that we will carry out some studies on those topics. The course is being led by Dr. Robbin Moran, who is at the New York Botanical Garden, and Dr. James Watkins, of the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. It looks to be an exciting course and a great adventure!

Not to worry, I am not forgetting about my wonderful pals the mosses. I am taking my camera and will hopefully take some pictures of tropical mosses on the trip. We will have internet access and I may have a spare moment to post on this blog, but the posts may be few and far between. Thanks for your patience.

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