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February 2014 Desktop Calendar

No I don't think that you should put me on your desktop for February : )  Continue reading and I will get to the calendar at the end of my tale.

During the sunny mild month of January I went to the California wine country with one of my good pals from my time as an undergraduate botany student at Miami University. We went to a number of lovely wineries that allowed us to walk around the vineyards with our glasses of wine. The vines were bare, both of fruit and leaves, but there were many wonderful shades of brown and the clouds were amazing! Since it was winter we were the only visitors at a number of the wineries in Sonoma and Alexander Valley. My favorite was the sparkling Pine Noir of Mumm Napa.  I would highly recommend checking out the wine country in the off-season.

We also went to see some redwoods at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve. It was quiet and peaceful with these large giants early in the morning. And as you might have guessed they were covered in mosses. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera on this trip and instead only had my cell phone, hence the photos don't have quite the resolution. Hopefully the sense of the landscape and the lushness of the mosses comes through in the calendar image for February below.

1 - Single click on the image to open it up in a new window. (If you use the image directly from the blog post you will lose a lot of resolution.)

2 - Right-click (or ctrl-click) on the image, and chose the option that says, "Set as Desktop Background" or "Use as Desktop Picture". The wording may vary.

3 - If the image does not fit your desktop neatly, you may have to adjust the image (Mac: System Preferences - Desktop and Screen Saver - Desktop; Windows: Control Panel - Display - Desktop) and choose "Fill screen" as the display mode of your background image.

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