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January 2014 Desktop Calendar

We went out on a hike this weekend to Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve, about an hour outside of Davis into the coastal mountains to the west. Unfortunately the rainy season here in the central valley has been anything but rainy. It is still warm and dusty. A little cooler than the summer, but otherwise not much has change. Thus the mosses that we saw on our hike were quite crispy and dry. Fortunately I found a few that were photogenic no matter their state of hydration. Hopefully January and February will have some rain, but I am not actually very optimistic. This is what the global climate change models predict. Dry places like the central valley will get drier and we are experiencing it first hand.

(IDENTIFICATION UPDATE - 14 April 2014 - This
 is the moss Dendroalsia abietinaI met this species on the SOBEFREE foray at the end of March.)

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