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Berry Go Round - March 2013

The newest edition of the plant carnival Berry Go Round is up at the blog In the Company of Plants and Rocks.  There are some good plant posts in the line up that you should definitely check out. 

The photos from Geotripper of spring wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada foothills are getting me excited about going hiking this upcoming weekend. We had a good amount of rain this week and I am looking forward to seeing some spring bryophytes in addition to the showy wildflowers. 

I would also recommend checking out the post on bees, flowers, caffeine, and memory at SciLogs. I think it is a really interesting study and those of you who love coffee and the effects of caffeine will find this study quite interesting.

Those are just a couple of highlights from the carnival. Head to In the Company of Plants and Rocks for the full carnival experience. For more about blog carnivals and my posts about the earlier editions of Berry Go Round, click here.

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