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Tripods for BryoPhotography

I got an email a few weeks back asking about what types of tripods I would recommend for taking pictures of bryophytes.  I am not sure what other folks use, but I have two different tripods that I like pretty well. I have a GorillaPod Original and a Canon Mini Tripod 7. I use them both with my Canon PowerShot A710 IS, which is the camera that I have been using for the past 4 years for the images on this blog.

I have used them both in the field and laboratory, but find that I more often use the GorillaPod in the field and the Canon in the lab. The GorillaPod deals better with uneven surfaces and gets me closer to the ground, while the Canon is better for flat and stable tabletops where I can adjust the height of the mosses I am photographing. Though honestly for many of my photos in the field I sprawl on the ground and make a human tripod with my elbows and both hands on the camera, while holding my breath. However, my knees are starting to protest this method, so I will probably be relying on the GorillaPod more often.

GorillaPod Original with a little demonstration of the its grappling abilities as it clings to the arm of my office chair.

Canon Mini Tripod 7 

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