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A Peat Moss Conquering America

Sphagnum peat moss made the news over at BBC Earth News last week. The title of the paper tells it all "One haploid parent contributes 100% of the gene pool for a widespread species in northwest North America". I could go on to try and give my own take on this research, but I think that the BBC article does a good job of hitting the highlights. All the other mentions of this research seem to point back to this BBC article. Way to go BBC mentioning some cutting edge bryo-research!

Here is a link to the abstract for the journal article. To access the full publication you may need to have a subscription through your library. 

Thanks to my pal Kathryn for forwarding me this article!

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    One of the fascinating aspects of this study is that the genetically uniform population systems of Sphagnum subnitens present in northwest North America arose from both vegetative propagation and by sexual reproduction.

    Eric Karlin


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