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For the past five years, the Botanical Society of America has sponsored a image competition to fund student travel to the annual conference. It is called the TRIARCH "Botanical Images" Student Travel Award. Out of the 83 images submitted this year, three of the images featured mosses. They are the following images:

#19 showing a mixture of small organisms including mosses, lichens and green algae.
#25 showing a bright yellow slime mold climbing the sporophytes of Dicranum flagellare.
#26 showing a cluster of antheridia in Rhizomnium punctatum.

I really love #25! The title of the image is "Ever Higher" and it is just a great description for thinking of the slime mold climbing the saprophyte stalk. I also think that the color contrast is great between the green sporophyte and the yellow slime mold. 


  1. Wow, those are so beautiful! I think my favorite is also #25 because of the bright color contrast and shape of the slime mold's growth. Awesome!

  2. What great photos! Thanks for the link!
    We're building a community of plant and flower experts to help non experts ID plants at But we don't have anyone submitting pictures that good!


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