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Berry Go Round #18

The latest edition of the plant carnival Berry Go Round has been posted at Foothills Fancies. This month's carnival focuses on both edible and un-edible plants!

As the base of the food chain plants are the source of all of our fabulous foods. Bryophytes however are not often eaten. They do make sugars via photosynthesis. However their cell walls are not easily broken into to release these compounds. Also they can have secondary compound inside their cells that make them un-palatable and quite icky tasting. So when in a pinch I would not recommend trying to eat bryophytes.

For more about blog carnivals and my posts about the earlier editions of Berry Go Round, click here.

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  1. Thanks, Jessica... sorry we didn't have a post from you to include, but good to know mosses are the last thing (with, maybe, lichens) to try when starving in the wilderness.

    My sole moss claim to fame (ha!) was an attempt, post grad school, to capture them with electronic microscopy (not the pretty kind). What a mess... did not push back the frontiers of science that day!


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