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2008 Connecticut Bioblitz

Mark your calendars, this year's Bioblitz is quickly approaching! It will be held May 30 & 31 in Stratford, Connecticut and is sponsored by Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

A bioblitz is a 24 hour survey of the biological diversity of a designated area, such as a park or an entire town. Researchers who study all types of plants and animals, assisted by school children and the general public, hunt for as many species as they can find and identify. Thus taking a biological inventory of the biological diversity in an area. There are also events, activities and presentations given by the researchers. Yes this is a 24 hour event and quite a few people stay up all night, but sleeping is permitted. Usually the general public is just there during daylight hours, but trapping of insects and other nocturnal creatures does happen throughout the night which the general public can participate in. (We just collect the mosses during the daytime and then identify them through the night.)

I have attended two previous Bioblitz events (sponsored by the Center for Conservation and Biodiversity and Connecticut State Museum of Natural History) as part of the Bryophyte and Lichen group. Last year we identified 95 species form the Middletown area of Connecticut.

A bioblitz is a really great event! I would highly recommend attending a local bioblitz to anyone who is interested in biology and learning new species. It is also a great chance to interact with expert scientists who work in Connecticut or your local area.

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