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Berry Go Round #2

The second edition of Berry Go Round has been posted at Further Thoughts. This is a blog carnival that features current events in the botanical world and interesting plant topics. One of the gals I met on the Tropical Ferns and Lycophytes OTS course to Costa Rica has had her blog post about Nephrolepis featured in the carnival. There are also a number of other cool plant articles discussed in this carnival. No mention of the mosses or other bryophytes, but they do have plenty of other neat stories about green plants.

For more about blog carnivals and a link to edition #1 of Berry Go Round, see my post from Monday January 28th 2008.


  1. Sorry about that - I did find my way here while putting the Carnival together, but I must have closed the link by mistake without adding anything. Sorry about that. But I would encourage you to submit a post (you have to scroll down a bit) to the carnival...your stuff is good, and well worth inclusion. It might also be appreciated at some of the other blog carnivals, like Linnaeus' Legacy, Oekologie or Tangled Bank.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and encouragement. I will definitely submit a post for the upcoming Berry Go Round.


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