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A New Blog Carnival

Have you ever heard of a blog carnival? Despite the fact that I spent an entire semester in a seminar discussing blogging it never came up and I had no idea what one was until a few weeks ago. A blog carnival is an online magazine that is published usually on a monthly basis. Each month a different blogger hosts the carnival and takes submissions from fellow bloggers that focus on a particular topic or fall under the overall theme of the carnival. The blogger who is hosting acts as the editor, chooses submissions, and then writes a post that links to them.

So why the lesson on blog carnivals? Well, I was invited to participate in a new blog carnival called Berry Go Round. The first edition is hosted at Seeds Aside. It is a carnival devoted to blog posts about plant life. Links to a couple of my posts on mosses were included in this carnival and I thought that I would point you in the direction. This carnival highlights some fun happenings in the plant world such as the discovery of a new species of palm in Madagascar and an idea for producing fuel from algae. There are also articles from the blogs Ontogeny and Invasive Species, which we discussed in our science communication seminar this past semester.

Some other carnivals that I checked out in my search to educate myself about blog carnivals are linked to below. Since Berry Go Round only has one issue out I thought that this might give you a better feel for what they are all about.

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