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New Pocket Knife

It finally happened. Despite my best efforts, I lost my favorite and only pocket knife. I was out collecting plants before class and was using my knife to cut off some fern fronds. I thought that I placed it back in my pocket, but when I arrived at the car it was no where to be found. I backtracked but could not find it in the brush or along the trail. I think that one of the problems was that my old knife was all black, and thus hard to see when dropped.

A good pocket knife is an essential item for collecting moss. I use it in the field to scrape moss of tree bark or stones and to dig small pieces of moss out of a larger patch. In addition to my hand lens, it is a tool that I always take with me into the field.
So, I searched online to find the same brand of pocket knife, because I really liked my lost one. The upgrade that I made was to buy the same knife in bright orange. Hopefully this will keep me from loosing it in the brush. I am looking forward to going out in the field and using it to hunt down some moss!

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